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Casting Master Shortfilm Luca Shool of arts:

In light of the master shortfilm: Transponder, we are looking for:

- Male actor: +- 30 years old, lead actor, tired fysique, artistic, characteristic face, peculiar look.

- Female actress: +- 30 years old, lead actress, artistic.

Pitch: A visual narrative about: Photographer Wims obsession with the perfect image pulls him away from his loved ones and into the nightly streets. There he searches for stills of beauty but also the perfect vision of himself. A picture that sometimes comes to him like a photo flash. Quick, clear and then gone.

+- 5 shooting days (mostly evening and night) between: the 15th of may and te 9th of june 2019, in Brussels and Antwerp.

Interested? More info? Mail me:

Kind regards,